Upcoming EVents

TEVA meetings and programs may be face-to-face or may be on a Zoom web meeting, or may be both. Please check your email and our web site for updates made prior to each  event or monthly meeting.

Members, see your email or send a message to “info@tevanc.org” for a web meeting invitation if you haven’t received one by Thursday before an EVent or meeting.

  • Saturday February 4, 2023, TEVA of NC Monthly Meeting 9:30am will meet live for a luncheon at a location to be announced on the mailing list.
    • Zoom web meeting information will be shared with the TEVA of NC mailing list
    • Please contact info@tevanc.org for information if you haven’t received meeting details via email by February 1st

Past 2020-2023 EVents

  • Saturday April 3rd 9am TEVA Meeting Agenda:
    • Hot topics, quick updates
      • EAA Monthly Meeting update
      • Jack Martin and updates from App State Univ Light EV class
    • Around the room; what EV related projects or goodies do you have to share?
    • 9:30 ET:  Plugzio.com founder and CEO,  Dr M Akhlaghi will review his company’s Level 1 charging solution for apartments and parking spaces at 9:30am
    • New Business
      • Volunteer opportunities
        • Drive Electric Earth Day: let us know during the meeting or at in…@tevanc.org if you are interested in recording a session with your EV or Light EV highlighted to edit and air later in April 2021
    • Old business
      • Updates on Drive Electric Earth Day (DEED):
      • Web site/social media updates
  • March 6, 2021 TEVA Monthly Meeting 9am, web meeting started at 8:45am
  • Feb 2021 TEVA Monthly Meeting
  • Jan 2021 TEVA Monthly Meeting: Wishing all of you a Happy New Year for 2021
  • TEVA Monthly Meeting December 5, 2020 at 9am
    • Open Web meeting by 9am, if you are on, we will open the Zoom call at 8:45am
      • Around the table while folks join until 9:30am or however long it takes for all to have a chance to share
      • Old business
        * Ebike Future Conference, produced and hosted by Stefan Ceman


        “Blog” entries sent to info@tevanc.org are posted
      • New business
        * What is Tesla Up to this past month? 
        * EVs in the news
        * join the member list to receive a monthly invitation to the Zoom meeting
  • TEVA Monthly Meeting November 7, 2020 at 9am 
    Much around the table discussion of upcoming end of 2020 and planning for 2021 EVents! 
  • Saturday October 3rd, 2020, Drive Electric Week at Alamance Community College, see http://bit.ly/drive-electric-acc-2020
    This was a by-invitation EVent 11am-1pm, contact info@tevanc.org  Videos will be posted in late Dec 2020
  • October 3rd, 2020 TEVA Zoom Meeting 9am-10:15am
    Start with touching base “around the table” member projects, the main focus was getting ready for the Drive Electric Week EVent after the meeting
  • September 5th, 2020 TEVA Zoom Meeting
    Start with touching base “around the table” member projects
    Old business:
    • The ChargePoint station update by Bill Bucklen has been edited and is available here: https://www.screencast.com/t/W6zGuMoYu7
    • update on Drive Electric Week, moved DEED events to DEW dates
      • Sept 28th at Danville CC – likely to be rescheduled to April 24th, 2021 Drive Electric Earth Day
      • Oct 3 at Alamance CC http://bit.ly/acc-dew-2020, plan TBD, several ideas including TEVA member video interviews with their EVs or LightEVs
    • Member Old Business
    New business:
    • Update on LEVA Tech Training Danville CC 
      • LEVA Tech Class has been cancelled for 2020, check back for 2021 date
  • Saturday August 1st, 2020, TEVA Zoom virtual meeting at 9am EDT.
  • Saturday July 11th, 2020, TEVA  Web Meeting on Zoom was held at 9am EDT, replay post-production in progress
  • Saturday June 6th, 2020, TEVA Web Meeting on Zoom was held at 9am EDT, replay post-production in progress
  • Saturday May 2nd, 2020, 2nd TEVA Zoom virtual meeting, replay post-production in progress
  • Saturday April 4th, 2020, TEVA hosted a virtual meeting for all to check-in using the Zoom meeting app.
  • Saturday March 7th, 2020, TEVA’s monthly meeting at Alamance Community College AATC Building, near entrance is #4 on this map:
    • Thank you to Marc Hunter for getting permission for us to be at ACC, in the the AATC Building at the South end of campus, 1375 Jimmie Kerr Road, Graham NC
    • The meeting will start at 10:15am, but several of us will be at ACC starting at 9:30am to meet students test out HoverKarts this month after Segway Kart and Segways last month, and talk with them about how they can participate in the Drive Electric Earth Day here at ACC!
    • Hot topics, quick updates around the room: members and visitors share EV related projects or goodies
  • TEVA Meeting Feb 1st 2020 at 9:30am at Alamance Community College
    AATC Building, 1375 Jimmie Kerr Road, Graham NC
    Some things we will cover this month:
    • Welcome to ACC
    • Hot topics & New Business, quick updates
      • Odyssey/Drive Electric Earth Day 18April at Alamance CC
      • Welcome Bill Bucklen back from the National EAA meeting
    • Old business
      • Updates on Drive Electric Earth Day 11April at Danville CC
    • Around the table with updates from members!
    • In the parking lot with EVs to see and try, including at least one new Light EV
  • The first TEVA Meeting of 2020 is on Sat  Jan 4th at 9am. Back at TS Designs in Burlington
    • LEVA Airless Tire Testing Project review
    • Happy New Year Welcome!
    • Hot topics, quick updates, New Business Jack, et al
      • There is no Burlington Maker Faire for 2020! 
    • Old business
      • Odyssey/Drive Electric Earth Day planning
      • K-12 program review for 2020

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2008 Tesla Roadster
2008 Tesla Roadster on display at the 2017 Volvo Energy Fair