Upcoming EVents

TEVA of NC meetings and programs may be face-to-face or may be on a Zoom web meeting, or may be both. Please check your email and our web site for updates made prior to each  event or monthly meeting. In March 2023, TEVA of NC started meeting on the 2nd Saturday of the month.

Members, see your email or send a message to “info@tevanc.org” for a web meeting invitation if you haven’t received one by Thursday before an EVent or meeting.

  • Saturday June 10, 2023, TEVA of NC to meet in Burlington, NC & on Zoom
    • Agenda and information for meeting in person and on Zoom will be sent via email to members by June 10th. If you haven’t received it by then, please contact info@tevanc.org

Past 2020-2023 EVents

  • The first TEVA Meeting of 2020 is on Sat  Jan 4th at 9am. Back at TS Designs in Burlington
    • LEVA Airless Tire Testing Project review
    • Happy New Year Welcome!
    • Hot topics, quick updates, New Business Jack, et al
      • There is no Burlington Maker Faire for 2020! 
    • Old business
      • Odyssey/Drive Electric Earth Day planning
      • K-12 program review for 2020

Prior to year 2020 EVent summary page

2018 TEVA Member EVs


2008 Tesla Roadster

2008 Tesla Roadster on display at the 2017 Volvo Energy Fair